About OHG

Operation Healthy Girlfriend empowers women to prioritize themselves
, their health and their family’s health and to inspire healthy changes in the community. OHG offers opportunities for women to enjoy and support one another in their journey toward better health and a better life. Through monthly gatherings, women participate in social events, educational programs and service activities, and support our charity, the Feeding Hungry Children Backpack Project.

Our parent company, Wellness Forum Health is over 20 years old and is the world’s leader in InforMED Medical Decision Making and diet and lifestyle intervention programs. The company offers programs directed at both consumers are health professionals that are designed to improve long-term health outcomes.

Our vision is to improve public health in America, one woman at a time, one chapter at a time. Women have a very strong influence on family members and friends, and an InforMED Girlfriend can be a very important center of influence on community health. Together, we can and we will make a difference and have lots of fun while we do it!

OHG is based on the fact that women are stronger when they work together in supportive groups. We can do more and be more together, than we can by ourselves. If you would like to achieve optimal health, be happier and more fulfilled, make a difference in the community and in the world, you belong with us.

Join today; we need you, you need us, the world needs us.

Operation Healthy Girlfriend is not just a group – it’s a movement.