Our Charity

What is the Feeding Hungry Children Backpack Program?
The Feeding Hungry Children Backpack Program helps children who receive subsidized breakfasts and lunches at school, are at poverty level, and do not have enough food for the weekends when they are not in school. Volunteers obtain a list of children who receive free meals at school from school administrators, contact their parents, and obtain permission to provide food. Volunteers deliver the food on Friday, quietly placing it in the children’s back packs while they and their classmates are involved in other activities.

Why the Backpack Program is our Adopted Charity?
Community service is a major part of Operation Healthy Girlfriend! We chose the Feeding Hungry Children Backpack program because 100% of the donations collected are invested in feeding kids!

We do not ask guests for donations during any of our Dinner events with guests.
While you would not decline a contribution if a guest chooses to make one, we do not solicit donations from non-members.

How to collect money from your chapter members.
You will collect the checks made payable to the appropriate Backpack project that services your area or one we locate for you in another area at your monthly member events. Have a large envelope and ask members to place checks and cash in that envelope. Mail the envelope to your local or designated Backpack Program the day after each monthly event. Make it clear every time you ask that donations are optional.

Help locating a Backpack project in your area.
We will locate the backpack program closest to you and arrange an introduction. If your Backpack representative is local, ask her to become a member of your Chapter!