Start a Chapter

Requirements for Chapter Leader

  • Member of Wellness Forum Health and pay one-time fee of $59 to join OHG
  • Successfully completes InforMED Health 101 and 201 (test booklets)
  • Purchases sample kits of products (food and personal care)
  • Holds 3 dinners in 6 weeks to form chapter – 9 plus CL is enough to start; commissions paid when at least 9 women are ready to start. WFH does not run charges for membership or cash checks until at least 9 women ready to start.

Requirements for members of OHG

  • Join WFH and OHG (or pay upgrade if applicable)
  • Sign member agreement and confidentiality agreement
  • Commit to attend 10 out of 12 meetings each year
  • Commit to take InforMED Health 101 and 201
  • Commit to assist with fundraiser for Backpack and choose one other service activity

Meeting Structure

  • 4 Dinner With My Girlfriends events (one each quarter) open to members and guests
  • 1 fundraiser for Backpack
  • 7 health-related events (see list below)
  • Teaching InforMED Health 101 live, in addition to these events

List of Approved Health-Related Meeting Activities

  • Potluck dinner and a Movie
    • Approved films
      • Forks Over Knives
      • Forks Over Knives Extended Interviews
      • Processed People
      • Food Choices
      • Cowspiracy
      • Food Inc
    • There are over 100 audio and video workshops on the members’ site, many of which are great topics for discussion. Choose one to watch and discuss.
    • Teach a class on Women’s Health Issues (slides for these classes are posted on chapter leader website)
      • Diet and Hormones
      • Menopause
      • Bone Health
      • Breast Health and Mammograms
    • Weight Loss, and Maintaining Optimal Weight (slides for these classes are posted on chapter leader website)
    • Any topic from InforMED Health 101 that CL would like to spend more time on (slides for these classes are posted on chapter leader website)

Service Activities:

Chapter Members commit to do at least one of the activities on the following list each year (in addition to helping with the Backpack fundraiser) as requirement for membership. Activities are designed to contribute to improved family and community health.

  • Make a donation to the Wellness Forum Foundation ($100 or more)
  • Make a donation to the Backpack Program ($100 or more)
  • Bring 5 new members into OHG chapter
  • Teach InforMED Health 101 to one group of 5 or more economically disadvantaged women (this project is done in conjunction with the Wellness Forum Foundation, which handles means-testing for applicants who request assistance, and disbursing funds for textbooks, food samples and other supplies)
  • Become a Brand Ambassador for WFH – OHG members who are Brand Ambassadors have automatically fulfilled their requirements
  • Teach a cooking class for 4 or more people